Who Are The Team Members And Why Do We Do All This?

We are a team of enthusiasts who believe that online dating is the future of communication. We have a lot of individuals who have used dating services for many years and collected plenty of useful information and experience. We know that it can be difficult to find a suitable partner, even in the world of online communication. We have made a lot of mistakes over the years but managed to learn a lot from them. And it is our goal to offer you the best information about online dating. We know what the best sites are and how to use them so that you don’t waste your time!

How do we make money?

The main source of our revenue is cooperation with dating sites that seek promotion. If we work with some company, we prepare partnered material for them. In other words, we review their sites, post them on our platform, and get compensated for every click and redirect through links within the article. Every time a reader clicks on a link inside the text, we get a small reward. The site is free to use, and users are not forced to pay for anything. However, it is important to note that since we work with online dating websites, the ratings that we post can be influenced and we can change the order of the sites for the sake of sites we cooperate with.

How the reviews are created?

To write a review, our team collects a huge amount of information. We have data analysts, sociologists, dating experts, designers, and writers who analyze dating platforms from different perspectives. Our goal is to collect as much unbiased and trustworthy information about a site as possible and to do so, we conduct surveys, compare competitors, and seek real-life feedback. Our reviews are detailed and honest.

Criteria of reviews

A review is a complex piece of writing that consists of many elements. Therefore, a review can be divided into several parts based on the criteria of evaluation. We use stars to define the quality of a certain element, where 1 star is the lowest mark and 5 stars are the best mark. Here are these criteria that you can find in any online dating site review written by our dating experts.

Consumer choice

First of all, we look at the sheer number of users. A good dating site should be popular. If a site doesn’t have a large database of members, we closely evaluate other factors to understand what could be the problem. To evaluate the popularity of a site, we use sites like Similarweb, Ahrefs, SE Ranking, and others to get feedback from users, conduct surveys, and collect essential data.

Competitor position

It is essential to compare a site that we evaluate with its competitors to see what is different, better, and worse. To do so, we utilize third-party sites such as Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Influenster, and others. These platforms offer us a lot of feedback regarding the overall reputation of a site, which is an invaluable factor.


We have an extensive team of designers and people who know how a good dating site should look like. It is important for us to assess the overall beauty and functionality of a dating platform. Our members analyze the simplicity of use, additional services, overall beauty, general feeling of use, and how adapted the site is to be used on different devices.

Users quality

Quantity of dating profiles is a great factor, but these profiles should be detailed and interesting. Our dating experts try to check out as many profiles to see whether users are motivated to make their pages detailed, informative, and creative to appeal to a wider audience.


A dating site is as good as its customer service. We simulate problems to understand how responsive and helpful the support team on a dating site can be. It is essential for us to find out whether a site is user-friendly and professional enough to guide newcomers who have no online dating experience or face any feasible issues.